Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Upcoming Posting Schedule

I'm intently trying to avoid looking at the screen as I type this cuz I kinda feel like judgey eyes are on me when it comes to the fact that I didn't update on Saturday. Still avoiding...

So, here's the deal. Part of the reason I didn't update was because I was in Jersey with The Dream Team getting drunk at Mel and Jason's shower. The other part is that I want to have some sort of chronological order with these last few chapters.

The super embarrassing chapter will update on July 16 (which coincides with the Monkeys concert in NYC I'll be attending). When I say it's embarrassing, I mean it's embarrassing for me now that I think about what's going to be in it, but I figure you guys'll get a kick and a good laugh out of it.

The final five chapters of C, CD in Jackson POV will start updating August 1st. You'll get a chapter ever Monday and Thursday, just like last time, until all five are posted.

Epilogue Part Two will post last. Now, I haven't decided if it will post the 20th or the 27th of August. The reason I'm having this post last is because, obviously, it's the very last part of C, CD. I want to be able to hit the "Complete" button once this update posts. I wouldn't be able to do that if there were any outtakes or other POVs. It wouldn't seem right.

With that being said, there will definitely be no futuretakes or outtakes or sidewaystakes or "Jackson, take me now"s once Epilogue Part Two goes up. That's it. I'm done with this puppy. It will be my one and only RPF. No more smirky dude. I think I've exhausted his character enough. That'swhatshesaid. Besides, I can't hang on to this fic forever. *shrug*

That's all for now. Sorry if the having to wait until the end of August for the story to finally come to a close is an issue, but I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on with my life right now. I don't know if I'll be homeless in a 3 weeks, so that kinda takes precedent over everything. But I love you all for still sticking it out with me. I know I'm a pain in the ass and not easy to deal with. *snuggle huggle*

Con Amor Siempre,