Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jackson POV Teasers For Fandom4SAA

So, as you guys know, the final five chapters of Closer, Cold Desert in Jackson's POV will be available through @Fandom4SAA. Here you go:

One line teaser for Chapter 26, Joy Ride Part Two:
I could have her dress up, my pants down, be in and out of her, and ready to go in under three minutes.

One line teaser for Chapter 27, All I Want For Christmas Is You:
But it was the best fucking thing to watch her cum so hard, knowing that I was the one that did that.

One line teaser for Chapter 28, Don't Forget About Us:
“I have no say in anything she does now, Ben. Do you get that? She. Fucking. Left. Me!”

Teaser for Chapter 29, HATEU:
“Jackson, what’s wrong?”

“Mama, I have something to tell you,” I mumbled.

“OK. Go on.”

“I… I cheated on Iris.”

You know those moments when everything just goes really quiet, and it feels like time has slowed down, allowing you to think about what to do next? Nobody ever told me that they also scared the living shit out of you.

All I could hear was Mama’s breathing for a few minutes. I recognized it as that breathing thing she does when she’s trying to calm herself down. I waited. And waited. When I couldn’t wait anymore, I dove in.


“You need to talk to your father,” she immediately said.

Before I could respond, I heard her calling Dad’s name.

Fuck fuck fuck.

“It’s your son,” I heard her say.


“She looks ready to spit nails. What’d you do, kid?” he laughed.

One line teaser for Chapter 30, Love Takes Time:
I know I probably should've told her, but the truth is that I actually didn't forget our anniversary.

I'm not going to include a teaser for this Saturday's update in the compilation. After you read the chapter, you'll understand why.

To get Jackson's POV for these five chapters along with hundreds of other submissions for @Fandom4SAA, go HERE to donate. The minimum is $5, and you'll be helping out a wonderful organization. Every little bit helps. Plus, if I decide to post these Jackson POVs up on FFn, it won't be for another 6 months. *nudge nudge* *wink wink*

Con Amor Siempre,

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