Friday, December 24, 2010

Chapter 25, Part One Follow Up

Merry Christmas Eve AKA Merry Jesus was actually born in the Spring but I'll take this day anyway! This won't be a long post since I don't really have much to say. Lucky for you, guys. :P

So, I struggled with the idea of splitting this chapter for several reasons. The main one was that, with all of the events involved in the chapter, I wanted to seem like a lot and overwhelming, a pace that would reflect how Iris felt in LA. In the end, though, I decided to not torture you by giving you a 23K word chapter. Think of it as my Christmas gift to you! Non-torture. Merry Christmas. :)

The fight between Jackson and Iris about NewCon was written at the last minute which is probably why it seems so out of left field. LilRachelP reminded me that the band had attended NewCon, something that completely escaped my mind, and I went all ragey on myself. I turned that into a little argument between Jackris and it actually worked out well to prepare for future chapters. Go figure. Thanks, R!

I obvi don't know the Rathbones so I just based them off of what I think they're like. Nothing different from any of the other characters in the story.

I fought with the idea of glamming Iris up for the premiere. I decided that it would be a nice show of her friendship with Nikki, Ashley, and Kristen if they decided to help out with her dress and other premiere goodies.

Dinner table naughtiness was just for fun. I had that puppy in mind for over six months now. LOL! And this is the second version of that scene. The original had Iris jacking him off in the bathroom until he almost cums. She then blue balls him as punishment for trying to get her off in front of his parents. *shrug*

I ended Part One with the Monkeys show and the way I wrote it because I wanted to show how Iris feels about Jackson's life on stage (or I at least hope I was able to). Even though she's at the show, she's not really. She can't be seen with him, the band, or even Marty outside of the banana suit. Because Jackris has been in its bubble, she hasn't really seen what Monkeys fans are capable of at shows. It's strange and eye-opening for her. It's also a preview of things to come.

Part Two is 99.9% done. It includes the New Moon premiere, the afterparty, a serious talk, and Iris leaving LA. What I haven't decided is whether I'm going to ask the SuperBeta to validate it next week or the week after.

For those that don't know, I finally decided on what my contribution for @FansAgainstDV is going to be. Rather than do one or two entire chapters in Jackson's POV from C, CD, I've decided to do at least one scene from every chapter in his POV. Basically, it's gonna be a long ass outtake. Again, you can get this outtake and over 100 others by donating $10 to the cause. There's no bidding process so that $10 gets you all of the outtakes, not just mine. You can get more info on it HERE.

I know I said that this wasn't going to be long, but I'm a filthy liar and we all know I'm long-winded. With that said, I just wanna hug each and every one of you that are still reading this craptastic story. You don't have to and many of you have become friends of mine so I really appreciate the love. <3

Happy holidays!

Con Amor Siempere,

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chapter 25, Part One Teaser!

So, even though I didn't want to do it, I had to split the chapter into two parts. At this point, I'm not entirely done with it and it's at 21K words. Rather than make you suffer, I took the advice of my prereaders and split it. Therefore, you technically get two teasers for Chapter 25. Here's the first:

The next day while the band was at the studio doing whatever it was they did with Scott, I walked around the neighborhood and spent a few hours at the nearest Starbucks. I wanted to do all of the touristy stuff, but I didn’t know up from down so I wasn’t gonna try and navigate LA on my own. I had been back in the hotel room for maybe an hour when everyone, and I mean everyone, burst through the door, laughing and being loud. Jackson immediately came over and gave me this dramatic kiss, smiling like a loon when he pulled back.

“Good day?” I laughed.

He leaned down and gave me another kiss instead of answering, walking back to the rest of the Monkeys who were seated on the opposite bed. Kristina came over and patted my hand.

“They were like this when they picked me up. I’m surprised I’m not bald,” she joked, pulling on her hair to demonstrate.

I noticed Marty was with the boys and I immediately smiled.

“Marty! Where the hell have you been? I don’t get to see you much,” I said, going over to give him a hug.

“Phone calls, planning, talking to the ladies,” he smiled. “It never ends.”

I shook my head and sighed as the room erupted into laughter.

“Which reminds me,” Marty began. “Everyone needs to be packed and ready to go Thursday night. Our flights aren’t until noon on Friday, but I don’t wanna chance anything.”

All the boys nodded and agreed as I stood there, confused and wondering what the fuck was going on.

“Flight? You guys are going somewhere?” I asked.

“We’re playing NewCon on Saturday,” Jerad replied as if I was supposed to have already known.



Don’t wig out. It’s probably just a mistake.

“Um, you’re leaving for Tennessee? Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked, directing my question at Jackson.

“Dude, you didn’t tell her we weren’t going to be here?” Graupner asked.

Suddenly, everyone was dead quiet. Jackson couldn’t even respond for a bit as he looked at everywhere and everyone but me.

“You knew I had shows while you were here,” he finally answered.

“Yeah. Here. I didn’t think I was going to be left alone for days while you were on the other side of the country!”

So much for not wigging out.

I saw Jackson flinch a bit before I finally just closed my eyes and let out a big sigh, hoping to calm myself.

“We’ll leave you guys to talk about this,” I heard Kristina say.

Everyone was scrambling to get to the door as quickly as possible.

“No. You guys stay put. I need to... get away from here,” I said, grabbing my purse and giving Jackson a death glare before I walked out of the room.

The SuperBeta emailed me back this morning and confirmed that this chapter will post Thursday morning. :)

Tomorrow's the Extra Goodies post.

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P.S. Happy Birthday, J. :)