Friday, October 8, 2010

Chapter 22 Follow Up

First, thank you to anyone and everyone who read this chapter. And a bigger thanks to those who didn't throw up all over themselves. You have strong stomachs, my friends. o.O

So, the playlist I listed in the Extra Goodies post wasn't in the actual chapter, I know. But I did think that you ladies might wanna use some of the songs on there for your own, uh, use. They range from sweet and romantic to sensual and almost naughty. It's not full on naughty and there's a reason for that. Ahem. Besides, I like to think that, had Quantum Leap not been playing in the background, maybe some of these songs would've popped up or something. *snort*

I wigged while writing this chapter. Seriously wigged. I've never written a lemon before this, let alone a cherry-popper. I didn't want it to be all explosions in the sky and earth-moving cuz most first times aren't that way. They're usually awkward and filled with "What the fuck was that?" moments. Even still, Jackson's no virgin so he would know that Iris needed warming up and to take things slow. It wasn't a fuck fest for those reasons. It wasn't about finally getting in her pants.

As I mentioned earlier, I kept this chapter solely to the smeksin because I felt it was a momentous enough occasion that it warranted its own chappy. I didn't want a prank or (more) silly banter to ruin something that was obviously important to the both of them. It would've been muddled and I didn't want the situation to be construed as just another passing "thing."

With that being said, Chapters 23 and 24 are going to go back to around the same length I had been posting before, between 13K and 16K words. Yes, 23 and 24 are the last two chapters with Jackris in Vancouver. The fic's not ending there, though. We still have a few chappys left to go. Believe me when I say that the 100 City Tour is going to keep things from being all fluffy bunnies. While I like to read angst, I don't like to write it for the simple fact that not all relationships have round the clock tragedies. But, like any other relationship, Jackris will have its moments of angst to deal with, especially with the tour.

I think that's about it for this chappy. I already started working on 23 but there are some things and some people that have made me take a step back from it for a bit. I'll try to open Word soon and see if I can't get that it finished. I'm sure misskikieg will start with the ass-kicking soon enough.

For those of you that review, lemme just say that you're a writer's dream. This chapter, especially, was really weighing on me and your reviews have helped me out immensely. Your words mean a lot and I appreciate them. <3

Con Amor Siempre,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chapter 22 Teaser!

This chapter's posting schedule is a little off. Keep reading after the teaser for "Bliss," Chapter 22, and I'll let ya know why.

He slowly made his way to his right and used his tongue to trace around my nipple though he didn’t touch it. He did this a couple of times, almost making me snap from the lack of actual nipple touching.

“I swear to God, Jackson…” I panted.

Before I could go on, his tongue flicked my nipple before he finally took it in his mouth. He sucked on that puppy for a bit and then went back to using his tongue.

I didn’t even realize it, but my hands had moved from their position and ended up in his hair. Before I could beg or whimper or threaten him with his life to continue, he pulled back and playfully glared at me. He took my hands out of his hair and then placed them back above my head. He leaned down, making me think he was going to kiss me, and then moved his mouth directly next to my ear.

“I told you not to move them,” he whispered. “Don’t make me tell you again.”

As I tweeted earlier this week, I finished the chapter over a week ago and submitted it to the SuperBeta at Twilighted. At first she said she could post it on the 7th but then retreated and said she didn't know exactly what date she could have it up because she's on vacation. Because of this, I decided to to ahead and post the teaser today and the Extra Goodies post tomorrow. It's just a safe bet if I do it this way.

For those that missed the tweet, this chapter's going to be super duper short, roughly around 5K words. I figured that this "event" was important enough to have its own chappy. *snort*

Extra Goodies gets posted tomorrow!

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