Friday, September 3, 2010

Chapter 21 Follow Up

Never in my life has the word "cock-blocker" been used to describe me so many times. *snort*

So, I hope the chappy was enjoyable or at least worth the wait. Once I actually got into writing it, I couldn't stop. It was a blast to write. I may or may not have snickered while writing the prank against Kellan. Oh! And kudos to you that told me you're going to try it. If you can, get it on video. :P

So, the random karaoke moment. I know some of you were like, "Whoa. Iris just went all 'American Idol.' What's that about?" I know it may have seemed random, but I had it in there for a specific reason. I wanted to show that, even though Iris is terrified with the whole stage fright thing, she feels that comfortable with the Monkeys to start singing and not even realize it. Jackson's personal and professional relationship with the other Monkeys is vitally important to this fic. I didn't want this to be solely about Jackson and Iris. The boys are a big part of Jackson's life which means they're going to be a part of Iris'. It's important for that group to be friends as much as it is for Iris to get along with the cast. This, of course, will come up later when the boys go on the 100 City Tour. Jerad's reaction with the back rub and the boys not saying anything about her singing show that they're aware of her insecurities and stage fright, but they know and respect enough to keep it on the DL. Plus, they're just good guys that way.

Now, the song choice for that little scene. I could've gone all mushy. I could've gone all happy go lucky. The reason I went with Mindy Smith is because she's not well-known. I wanted to show that Iris' music isn't just mainstream stuff. When I said she/I listen to everything, I meant it. Besides, it's a beautiful song. I love the simplicity of it, the guitar notes, the rock/country feel. While I love me some good Christina notes that go all over the place, it's also nice to have a singer who keeps it simple.

The semen prank. I've had that sucker in mind since the bathtub prank. I thought about placing it after Jackson's injury, but I didn't it want to be in retaliation to something that's serious. If it just came outta nowhere, even if it was just a response to something as teeny as Kellan wanting dessert, it'd be much more scurry. It could happen anytime, any place. *cue evil music*

I had some peeps ask me about Jerad knowing that Jackson was in all the love with Iris. If you remember back to the last chapter during the Saturday morning breakfast scene, one of the peeps who seemed to know what was going on was Jerad. Jackson mentioned that he realized it while he was away working and she went home to NYC. It'd make sense for Jerad to notice a change in Jackson during down time on the Girlfriend set. Just a little FYI. :)

There will be more between Iris and her mother. That situation just doesn't go away with one phone call. Question: Too much Spanish? OK amount of Spanish? More Spanish? Lemme know.

The phone call with Randee was needed. It was about time actually. Jackson's always stated he's tight with his family. Even though they're thousands of miles apart, it would be in poor taste to not have Iris and Jackson's mother at least speak. It's a good foundation for when they actually meet.

Jackson's Eclipse injury. I thought about making it funny. I thought about not including it at all (way back when). But I thought it'd be a nice kick in the tushy for Iris. Sure, Jackris has had their share of drama, but that's all about self-esteem and miscommunication. An injury is dramatic. The feeling that someone you love has been hurt is dramatic. Not knowing whether they're OK is dramatic. It's also a nice affirmation that Iris' feelings aren't simply about the lust. She loves him. She cares about him as a whole. It also serves as a reminder to Jackson that he's not alone anymore. He can laugh it up with the guys but he needs to remember that he's important to her and should be mindful of what she went through.

The sex talk with Suzy? Graphic, I know. I actually used the word "Hymen," for crying out loud. But that's just how Suzy and Iris roll. Iris has questions and Suzy has the answers. They don't pussyfoot around things.

I absolutely had to address the date issue. I try to stress the fact that, at the end of the day, Jackris is your normal, everyday couple. Unfortunately, though, no matter how normal they actually are, their relationship does have limitations. Iris hates the paps and wants nothing to do with them. She wouldn't subject herself or Jackson to that so they can simply go out and get something to eat. Movies are a no go, either. For Iris, this isn't a biggie. In fact, she hasn't really even thought about it. To her it's not about going out but just about being together. Jackson wants to do right by her and the relationship, though. We'll see where this takes them later. :P

The seks. Oh, dear God, the seks is coming people! Don't get your knickers in a twist (@misskikieg's been teaching me some fancy British speak). *snort* I was so not going to include it in 21, though. I gave you a cliffy cuz I needed a reason for you to come back and read 22. LOL! Anyway, it might be awkward, it might be steamy, it might make you go, "Huh?" I haven't decided yet. Either way, I won't pull a SMeyer and fade to black. *wink*

That's enough rambling from me for now. I hope you all enjoyed SBL as much as I did. While I did enjoy the, uh, insinuation and grinding of the hips during "Joygasm," I would've really liked to see Fro Of Death used. Several peeps in attendance told me that the crowd cheered the loudest for that one, but I guess Jerad's a perv. :P

Thanks for sticking with me this far, loves. I really appreciate it. <3

Con Amor Siempre,