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Chapter 15 Follow Up

Hola Chickadees!

Just so you know, this post is to be read slurred and sluggish cuz I'm all sorts of tired as I type this. I'm only 3 days into this crazy ass work week, and I'm already feeling the effects. By the time next Wednesday rolls around, I may be dead. We'll see...

So, Chapter 15? From the reviews I've gotten so far, I take it you guys enjoyed that little bit of straddle and kiss. :P I thought about going with a cute, little chaste kiss, but, as Suzy mentioned early on in the chapter, Iris goes all or nothing. Even though she was willing to stop after she initiated the kiss, that was the "all" for her. The fact that Hottie McSquirrelHead furthered that? Well, that's icing, people. Mmmmm... Icing and Hottie McSquirrelHead... Oops! Sorry, I'm back. Now, I hope everybody knows me and Story Iris by now to know that, just because Iris and Jackson have gotten over the initial hump (pun intended for later), it doesn't mean everything is smooth sailing after this. Au contraire (or however you spell it)! I'm not saying it's gonna get all EP or The Woods angsty, but there will be bumps along the road. What relationship doesn't have them? Speaking of relationships, what are Iris and Jackson? Weird how they didn't even discuss that...

So, I would like to make this little statement here and now. The coming together of the lips for Jackris was not a way of giving in to the not-so-veiled threats made by @clh2o. This was planned all along. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Ms @clh2o sent me a review one day that had me rolling so badly, I had to share it with J. I should've known better because J wasn't speaking to me due to how I ended Chapter 14. She took it upon herself, the ever passionate prereader of C, CD, to PM @clh2o and try to start a rebellion. They banded together and tried to give me some "demands" in regards to how I continued with the story. These ladies, I'll say, are bat shit crazy. LOL! I honestly thought about dragging out the second kiss a little while longer just to see if their heads would explode. In keeping with the outline I have in my head, though, I decided to just stick with the original plan.

Future chappies: I know you crazy kids want the seksi times which may or may not include ripping of the clothes, showers, kitchen tables, walls, and other various articles and/or locations. What you have to remember is that they've barely known each other for a week and a half. You remember that thing I like to write by called "Reality?" I'm gonna stick with that. Take that as you will in regards to any possible sex in this story.

As I mentioned in the A/N, my work schedule is kicking my ass this week. I honestly don't know when I'll be able to start writing Chapter 16. Please don't threaten to shank me or any other form of violence for not getting it out soon. I'm hoping to have it posted on my birthday, but, considering that's less than 2 weeks away, it probably won't happen. I'll keep you posted.

In other writing news: After I was encouraged by some faithful C, CD readers, I decided to sign up for the Fandom Gives Back charity auction. What does this mean for you? Well, you now have the opportunity to buy and bid on my writing. Silly, right? Well, it's for a good cause. Here's what I'm offering: A "First Come, First Serve" auction, like "But It Now" on eBay, in which the winner will get a 5K minimum SMUTTY one-shot that stars Jackson and the winner. That's right-I'm making the winner the star of the story! The starting price is $20. Seems kinda high? Well, just imagine getting to read something written for you in which Jackson is screaming your name. Yeah, that's some good shit. LOL! I'm also involved in the auction portion. The winning bid will receive a 5K minimum SMUTTY outtake from C, CD. "There's no sex in C, CD, though" you might say to yourself. Well, if you're the winner, you'll see how the smut plays out. The starting bid for the C, CD outtake is $5. I'm hoping that you generous ladies will give as much as possible since this is for charity.

In case you ignore my tweets, like normal and sane people should, the "So You Think You Can Write" blog featured C, CD in their Undiscovered Gems section. Cool, huh? Go HERE to check it out.

The voting for The Faithful Shipper awards began today. I never received an email notification letting me know if C, CD was nominated enough to move on to the voting portion. The site still isn't allowing anybody to vote, so... Maybe there's hope? The Twilight Twins awards, however, are still accepting nominations. The theme for this award is "Summer Romance." There are some really great categories that would fit well with C, CD. If you think it's worthy, please head on over and nominate C, CD! Click HERE to nominate for The Twilight Twins award. Click HERE to continue checking with The Faithful Shippers.

Alright, I'm off. I'm gonna watch The Blind Side before going to bed. A good emotional breakdown will ensure that I'm in bed by 10 so I'm fully awake for tomorrow's shift. *sigh*

Con Amor Siempre,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chapter 15 Extra Goodies

Adele's "Hometown Glory"
2009 Audi A4 Sedan/The Obama Car

The Green Mile
The Green Mile: John Heals Melinda
The Green Mile: John And Paul's Talk
The Green Mile: The Execution

Edward/Bella Fic Recommendations
Breaking News
Facebook Friends
The Arrangement
The Vampire In The Basement

For those of you who don't know, J has been conspiring against me. She's gone as far as PMing reviewers, trying to organize a rebellion. If she messages you, ignore it! She's up to no good... Anyway, because of this little revolution, @clh2o has given me some demands. After the teaser was posted yesterday, she actually gave C, CD a motto: "Save the Jackris. Save the world." Jackris? Yeah, I kinda like the sound of that. *hearts*

The chapter will be up tomorrow on all three sites! The Follow Up blog post will go up on Wednesday. :)

Con Amor Siempre,

Chapter 15 Teaser!

*le sigh* Hi...

Sorry. I'm still doing the dreamy-eyed thing from watching Jackson in tight pants, get covered in slime. Icky shit never looked so good... I'm gonna go drool a little bit longer so I'll give you this teeny tiny teaser in the meantime.

“What’s wrong?”

“Somebody paid the bill on the rental car,” I said, reaching into my purse and finding my phone.

I hit the speed dial button and waited for the ringing to stop so I could start yelling. When the other line clicked, I let all hell break loose.

“You have some fucking nerve!” I began.

“What did I do now?” Juanita yelled back.

Jackson took the phone from me, holding it between the two of us, and hit the speakerphone button, lightly laughing at our heated exchange.

“Why did you pay the bill on the rental car? I didn’t ask you to do that. I didn’t want you to do that.”

“You are the only person I know who can never accept a gift for what it is.”

“That’s not a gift, J. A gift is making me dinner or taking a walk with me when I’m pissed and nobody else is willing to deal my temper. This is just mean.”

“Well, think of it as punishment, then.”

“Punishment for what?!”

“For lying to Jackson about only wanting to be friends with him.”

I immediately scrambled to take the phone from him, feeling my face and my entire body get hot again from the humiliation as I took Juanita off of speakerphone. I didn’t look at him as I dragged my hand through my hair and stared out the window.

“You were on speakerphone, dumbass.”

Y que?”

“I’m not alone,” I mumbled.



“Ohhhh,” she exclaimed as it hit her. “Ooops. My bad.”

So there's that for you. I'll get the Extra Goodies for this chapter out either later tonight or tomorrow. The chapter should be posted by Tuesday if nothing gets in mah SuperBeta's way.

I have to get back to tweaking the end of this chapter. It's taking me forever cuz I keep watching vids of Jackson getting slimed. Major tongue porn in that bit, ladies. *le sigh*

Con Amor Siempre

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chapter 14 Follow Up

Um, is anybody still speaking to me? :/

I honestly had no idea that the way I ended this chapter would get the reaction it did. When J first read it, she Tweeted me in nothing but shouty capitals, saying she was really pissed at me and didn't want to speak to me for the rest of the day. For whatever reason, maybe cuz she's in the story-LOL, she's very passionate about C, CD. I guess I should've taken that a sign of things to come.

Everybody is freaking out as to why Iris wants to do the "Friends" thing. I thought it was obvious, but I'll explain anyway. Doing the "Friends" thing is Iris' way of running. She wants nothing more than to be with him, but she's scared of how she feels about Jackson. Add that to the fact that he admitted he likes her, and she's in uncharted territory. When she's in an uncomfortable or unknown area, she panics and her first instinct is to run. While she's not entirely pullin away from him as she has been, her insistence on staying friends is her way of putting up a wall from something she fears could really hurt her, from something she doesn't know what to do with. Iris has been dealt a lot of shit from a lot of different people, you'll see more than just family issues in upcoming chappies, and it's difficult to break out of that overnight. She needs time and reassurance, maybe a swift kick in the ass is also in order, that she's not the horrible person she thinks she is. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, people.

So, here's a little insight into Story Iris that will probably give you all previews of chapters to come. First of all, for those who haven't figured it out yet, Story Iris is Real Iris, me. When J first suggested I turn my dreams into a fan fiction, I debated about how much of myself to put into the story. I was scared that 1) The story wouldn't even be decent, 2) The story wouldn't be well-received, 3) People would think that my decision to keep all the real life characters just as they are in real life would be construed as having an inability to write, and 4) Nobody would like Story Iris, essentially me. Whether any of these are true or not are up for debate.

Everything about the real life characters, sans the famous ones, is completely true (I have no idea what they're actually like so I'm going with what I've seen in interviews and such; I just hope I'm doing them justice). Everything about Iris is everything real about me. Everything from the movie obsession, music as a life force, the Grandma issue, and the insecurities is all true. I chose to keep it that way because I wanted my story to be as realistic as possible. As it turns out, this story has become therapeutic for me. It's allowed me to get out all of my frustrations about my past and my relationship with my family out. I'm no longer holding it all in. What I didn't realize is how many people have messaged me to say that they themselves deal with the same insecurities and doubts. In a way, this is also their form of therapy. I didn't intend for it to turn out this way, but I'm grateful that my silly little dreams turned fan fiction are helping others out, as well.

So, if you're upset with Story Iris, and with me as well, I understand. I know you all want Iris and Jackson to get together and to let the seksi times begin, but that's not just how she or I roll. It's gonna take time to get up that mountain.

For those of you who have threatened to shank me, who have yelled, who have screamed, who have used shouty capitals, and who have wondered what the hell I'm doing with this plot, I get where you're coming from. Believe me when I say that it's quite a revelation to write Story Iris and realize just how crazy I must seem to other people. The good thing is that it's allowing me to see certain things about myself I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. Maybe Story Iris and Real Iris will have a revelation and turn things around soon. :)

So, how was everybody's New Moon midnight release buying experience? Mine was quite interesting. I didn't really think that there would be a high demand for anything in little ol Albuquerque, but I guess I was wrong. I called Walmart last night around 11pm to make sure that they would have the movie ready at midnight. I came to find out that a line had been forming for it since 9:30pm. After I made it to the store, in record time since it only took me 7 minutes when it's supposed to take 15, I found that the line wasn't as long as I thought it would be. There were maybe 30 people in front of me. They were all decked out in there New Moon attire while I was in sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt. What can I say? They're just lucky I didn't go in my onesie. They had some trivia contests and I managed to win an Edward water bottle. That baby will be joining me at work from now on. The worst part of the entire experience was the fact that despite a total of about 200 customers in line for the movie, only 3 registers were open. I waited almost 25 minutes to buy it. I came home, watched the Jasper scenes, watched all the Special Features and crashed around 4am. It was a good night.

Alright, so I'm off to write what I can of Chapter 15 today. I don't know exactly when I'll have it posted, but I'll try to keep it within a decent amount of time. I'm not scheduled to work any doubles this week, but that can always change. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't!

Before I go, I must share this review with you. I tweeted about it yesterday cuz it had me rolling, but it's just one of those things that HAS to be shared:

We are in a fight... like a huge fight... like megatron vs optimus prime huge.

Really? Who could you do this to me? Have you no compassion? Think of all the hearts you just broke by letting Jackson agree to Iris. Oh, BLEEDING HEARTS OF THE WORLD UNITE! It's tragic, monumently tragic, like Romeo being an idiot and not waiting thirty more seconds to realize that Juliet isn't dead tragic. Like Frodo getting one of his fingers bitten off tragic. Like BELLA PICKING JACOB tragic. (sorry team jake fans) Do you not understand how much Iris and Jackson NEED to get together... and fast... cause if they don't then... then... then the world very well may end. So there, as per your civic duty as a resident on planet Earth you need to have them get together... by tomorrow or Monday... but Monday at the latest.

Oh, and wonderfully written, as always.

That is all.

P.S. Ms Quinto, Dave's just lucky I don't know you both in real life. I would've chopped off his dick and fed it to him while I cackled like a maniac. The words "Giant Fucking Douchebag Motherfucking Sheep Fucker" come to mind. And I feel bad for the sheep. <3

Con Amor Siempre,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chapter 14 Extra Goodies

Tamia's "So Into You"

"Bleeding Love" Playlist
Paramore's "All I Wanted"
Taylor Swift's "Breathe"
Jimmy Eat World's "Cautioners"
The Counting Crows' "Colorblind"
David Archuleta's "Crush"
Mandy Moore's "Crush"
Paramore's "Decode"
This World Fair's "Don't Make Me Wait"
Christina Aguilera's "El Beso Del Final"
Paramore's "Franklin"
Coldplay's "Green Eyes"
Jennifer Love Hewitt's "How Do I Deal?"
Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me"
Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris"
The Fray's "Look After You"
Paramore's "My Heart"
Evanescence's "My Immortal"
Sarah McLachlan's "Possession (Acoustic)"
The Dream's "Right Side Of My Brain"
Kelly Clarkson's "Sober"
Justin Nozuka's "Supposed To Grow Old"
David Archuleta's "To Be With You"
Garth Brook's "To Make You Feel My Love"
Elliot Yamin's "Wait For You"
Paramore's "When It Rains"

So I know that technically "All I Wanted" can't be on this playlist since Paramore's Brand New Eyes wasn't released until a few months later than when the story takes place. But, for the sake of my sanity, let's just pretend that it was. "All I Wanted" is my favorite song on the album, and I often listen to it while writing C, CD so it makes to have it in there. :)

Edward/Bella Fic Recommendations
Awake In The Infinite Cold
Goodnight, Noises Everywhere
Just Like Them
My Beloved Window
The Unaccompanied Soul

Ghost Ship
Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On"
Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"
Weather Girls' "It's Raining Men"
KOL Pap Pic #1
KOL Pap Pic #2
KOL Pap Pic #3
KOL Pap Pic #4
KOL Pap Pic #5
KOL Pap Pic #6

Chapter 14 Teaser!

Hola Mis Senoritas!

While I would like to say I'm sorry it took me so long to get this chapter finished, I can't bring myself to do it. The last two were an emotional rollercoaster for me to write, let alone getting them both out to you in a week's time. Mama needed a break! Chapter 14, however, should be out on Friday if my beta grants my wish. :)

So, here's the teaser for Chapter 14:

“Good songs, but I hate the fact that you’re being all broody. Plus, how do you have a ‘Bleeding Love’ playlist without the actual ‘Bleeding Love’ song on there?”

“Isn’t it ironic, Alanis?” I laughed.

“She’s brooding?” I heard Juanita ask. “I’m gonna kick your ass if you don’t stop!” she yelled into the phone.

I couldn’t help but laugh at just how angry she could get with me. Suzy told me about the flight, continually repeating just how hot the captain sounded over the intercom, and finally had to let me go when they had made their way to the taxi line.

It was still too early to go to bed, but I was feeling sleepy anyway. I went upstairs, changed, and walked into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. When I started crawling into bed, I noticed I had a missed call and a voicemail. The missed call was from Jackson. Nervously, I pressed the voicemail button.

“Hey, it’s me. I really wish you would answer your phone so we can talk about last night. I need to explain some things. Um, shit… Please call me back.”

I let my phone go back to its normal screen and put it back on the nightstand. I stared at it for a good minute before I decided to do nothing and got into bed.

Again, it's short, but you guys know I don't believe in long teasers cuz then they wouldn't be teasers. LOL! As of right now, it looks like this chappy's almost at 10K words. I keep going back and tweaking, adding more dialogue here and there, so it might get bumped up. You crazy kids and your love of long chappies... *wink*

That's it for now. I'll have the Extra Goodies post for Chapter 14 done either tonight or tomorrow. There are some AMAZING new fics I'm rec'ing so I hope you guys will definitely check those out. :)

Con Amor Siempre,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chapter 13 Follow Up

Hiyah! What's going on with you fabulous ladies on this wonderous Thursday?

So, I know it's not naked Jackson, sorry @MiraTL, but how was that kiss? Was it OK? That's exactly how it went down in my dream. From him pulling me out of the aisle to when we broke away, it's all true fax. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I know I did when I woke up from having that dream. *wink* I thought about ending the chapter there, but then it would've been really short and I didn't want people to believe that everything would be OK in the land of Iris' head. Apparently, it looks like even a kiss from The Bone isn't enough to pull her out of her fog. But WAS he drunk? That's the big thing for her. Even if he wasn't, I'm sure she'll find all sorts of other things to try and make sense of that kiss. We still don't know how he feels about her. He hasn't SAID anything to suggest otherwise, so... We'll just have to wait for future chappies.

As always, I gotta thank you ladies for being patient and not karate chopping the shit outta Story Iris. She's quite stubborn, that little bitch. I wonder where she gets it from... Anyway, I know she can be pretty frustrating, but there are a couple of things you HAVE to remember. 1. It's only been a week since she met The Bone. It's a short amount of time to try and make sense of one's feelings, especially when they involve a celebrity. 2. Iris' self-esteem issues are seriously deep-rooted. It's going to take a while and a lot before someone, maybe The Bone?, can pull her out of her funk. "Patience" is the key word here, m'ladies.

A little FYI: C, CD is NOT close to being over. We're only about halfway through. I originally thought this fic was going to be around 15 chapters, but there's too much going on to stop there. I'm thinking maybe 25 chapters will cover this whole silly idea of mine.

Before I leave, 3 things: 1. The Oscars are this Sunday night. Remember to watch for Anna cuz I'm sure she's going to look glam. I will be rooting for Monique in the Best Supporting Actress category and for my girl Sandy Bullock in the Best Leading Actress category. I will also be rooting for anything that isn't Avatar related. No, I haven't seen it, but Cameron's ego is just too much for me. 2. How AMAZING was Gubler's directorial debut on Criminal Minds last night?! The man should get an Emmy. It's probably one of the best eps that the show has ever released. Major kudos to the man who wears his hair like Jackson! *sigh* 3. Did you nominate in the Faithful Shipper awards yet? Yes? Yay! No? I'm gonna get Kirsten to crack some skulls, then. *sadmonkeyface*


P.S. Good luck to @GallifreyReject and @100MonkeysIndy. These lovely ladies are getting to watch our Monkeys perform tomorrow night in Chicago. You know that feeling you're currently feeling? Yeah, that's jealousy. Pfffft!

Con Amor Siempre,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chapter 13 Extra Goodies

Kings Of Leon's "Cold Desert"
Kings Of Leon's "Cold Desert (Live In Vancouver)"

Edward/Bella Fic Recommendations
Just Like Them
Hydraulic Level 5
Mr Horrible
The Arrangement
The Blessing And The Curse

"Fountain of knowledge. Check my flow!" - How Suzy answers the phone when I call her

Just thought I'd throw that in there cuz I needed something to make me laugh. Why would I need a laugh, you ask? Well, I wanted to surprise you all, especially Kaitlyn and Kimmy, by posting Chapter 13 on Monday instead of the announced Wednesday. That, however, went to complete and utter shit when FF wouldn't let me upload the chappy. Was I pissed? Nah... I was beyond that. I grabbed a jar of Nutella and ate 1/3 of it within an hour. Doesn't sound like much unless you've actually tried eating that much Nutella in one sitting. I've been sick since last night, needless to say. Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and wait to post Chapter 13 until Wednesday like I had originally planned. I'll have two days off after that so you can find me on Twitter and yell at me if you want. LOL! *Many congrats to Kaitlyn for karate chopping the hell outta her midterm!*

Kirsten and Courtney are two C, CD readers I knew of that were in danger from all of the tsunami scariness this past week. I'm very happy and thankful that they, along with their families, are all safe. :)

The Faithful Shippers are now accepting nominations for their Winter/Spring 2010 awards. The Shippers is one of the few, if not the only, sites that recognizes Real Person fics. RP's don't get much attention as the Twifics, but they're gracious enough to bring the spotlight to them and their authors. They're also more about recognizing the lesser known Twifics, too. Pretty awesome, right? Yeah, I like em. So, if you think that C, CD is worthy, please head on over and nominate it. They're accepting noms til March 12th. The Twific part of this award? I'm HEAVILY pimping "The Woods Are Lovely, Dark, And Deep." If you're not reading this story, then I have nothing to say to you because we can no longer be friends. Banana_pancakes7 is, without a doubt, an AMAZING writer. She has this way of making everything seem so realistic and gives you a Bella and an Edward that you have no choice but to root for. Additionally, she has this gracious ability of taking your heart, ripping it out of your chest, throwing it on the ground, and doing a Mexican hat dance around it. I've only ever cried reading two fan fics. This is one of them. And I cried like a little bitch, I'll let you know. If you haven't read this story, I'm BEGGING you to do so. You will definitely thank me later. Trust me when I say that. It's a fucking epic fail that this story and its writer have not received an award recognizing its fuckawesomeness. READ. IT. That is all.

The Faithful Shipper Awards
Category Descriptions
The Woods Are Lovely, Dark, And Deep

I must leave you all for I need to go through my notebook of LOST notes and prepare for tonight's episode. Yes, I take notes on every episode. Yes, I have a notebook for every season. Yes, I know I'm crazy.

Con Amor Siempre,